Jeannette Harper

My name is Jeannette Harper. (Yes, 2 n’s, 2 t’s and 3 e’s…) I am currently a county coordinator in Alaska, Nevada and Oregon. In the past, I have counted Maine, Wisconsin, Illinois, Idaho, California and Hawaii as states I could be of assistance to. (My ancestors are from both Illinois and Wisconsin while my hubbies are from Maine, Arkansas and California.)

I am happily married and happily retired after working for the State of California for 39 years. Hubby and I were living, full time, in our RV as we traveled across the U.S. for over 5 years. We found a perfect place to call 'home' along the South Coast of Oregon.

Why do I do what I do? Genealogy is more than a hobby for me, it is a passion! I have provided classes for a variety of training levels of attendees - those just beginning as well as those looking for a way to break down their brick walls… Sometimes it’s just another set of eyes that makes the difference.

With over 50 years of family research under my belt and many years associated with USGenWeb I am happy to take the next step to an elected role doing whatever I can to help this wonderful organization see another 25 years.

What: Candidate

Position: NWPL County Coordinator Representative

Term: 2 years, ending 31 Aug 2021

County Sites: