Placer County

California Census


Below you will find links to an index of the 1852 California Census for Placer County. I am now at the half way point...

ALL pages have been transcribed!

The pages I worked from were typed and copied many times. I have one of the copies. There are corrections, pages missing some lines and individual entries missing letters, etc. My next step is going to be finding microfilm of this census. I will then try to correct the obvious errors and omissions.

Count of transcribed entries: 6829

This will be the last 'update' until I add any corrections from the original census.

Take a look at the page of 'statistics'.  I am blown away with the sheer volume of humanity descending on our California soil at this time! These people came from all over the world as well as, of course, all over our country! When you consider the conditions of those times, they were truly pioneers!

Please click on the letter of the alphabet for the surname you are seeking.

Good luck in your research!


| A (198) | B (703) | C (574) | D (340) | E (118) | F (260) | G (315) | H (511) | I (28) | J (172) | K (178) | L (341) | M (628) | N (131) | O (66) |

| P (319) | Q (14) | R (349) | S (686) | T (231) | U (14/82) | V (50) | W (485) | Y (29) | Z (5) |

7th update: 16 January 2004
6th update: 1 November 2003
5th update: 12 September 2003
4th update: 30 August 2003
3rd update: 31 July 2003
2nd update: 4 July 2003
1st update: 15 June 2003

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(Note: "U" so far has 'known' individuals as well as 'unknown' individuals. I've tried to keep the 'known' apart from the 'unknown'...
There is still no surname beginning with an 'X'.)